Disruptive thinking For Disruptive Growth


Access Collaboration, creative thinking and deep expertise Across regulatory Change, Digital Platforms, and the Intersect of Desentralised Finance (DeFi), Non-Custodial Permissionless Protocols with traditional market process & Infrastructure (TradFi)


Navigating Current & Emerging Models to Help Deliver Exceptional Business Outcomes

Relying on deep understanding of the statutory and regulatory framework in which the financial services industry operates on and focusing on regulatory activity, emerging Decentralised Web (Web3) and on-chain Governance Models, Discidium makes it easy to leverage knowledge and tools to help you access new opportunities in a decentralised future!

  • Bridge or launch modern financial infrastructure and access the decentralised web
  • Design or adopt new permissionless, custodial and non-custodial global protocols
  • Create new community-driven Decentralised Autonomous Organizations (DAO’s)
  • Enable globally focused frameworks, contributor processes and community operations
  • Deploy Governance Tokens and efficient controls, distribution and vesting technologies
  • Establish new centralised (CeFi) or decentralised Finance (DeFi) and cross-chain protocols
Centralised & Decentralised Markets


Combines our expertise with innovation to make regulated entities and compliance needs smarter. Improving industry services through technology and senior expertise. Offering deep expertise in Regulatory Tech, Decentralised Governance - DAO's, Delegation, Decentralised Finance


Help with design, customisation, connectivity & validation of algorithmic trading/strategy for traditional and crypto markets. Enabling quantitative analysis of market data and participant behaviour. Our digitisation and automation help you move faster and stay ahead


Leveraging new global digital data platforms and traditional data tools enabling a transparent, immutable, secure cross-border processes and providing a unified viewpoint and control of enterprise data


Helping, traders, IBs, wealth managers, exchanges prepare for the digital future. Discidium offers deep digital asset trading implementation knowledge experience from traditional markets trading systems through to converging with decentralized governance, delegation and DeFi platforms and products


Establishing your entrepreneurial mindset. Discidium makes it clear and well understood that leadership and culture plays an influential role in the way enabling technologies and innovation adoption will be managed. Organisational culture can become the catalyst or the friction elements.


Compliance is a costly and cumbersome aspect of managing a business. We help clients navigate the global business and regulatory environment and define, develop, implement and deliver their regulatory compliance tools and business strategies across both traditional and crypto business models