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There isn’t enough time in the world for us to count all the rules and obligations that apply to the financial services industry. Equally  it is terrifying to see the constant innovation across financial services. Traditional stakeholders, including institutional investors and funds, are gradually increasing the share of digital assets in their portfolios, broadening access to financing and elevating the potential of emerging tech to disrupt established markets. Low barriers to entry also mean experimentation has never been easier, enabling global permissionless innovation in finance at record speed. Technological progress and innovation are the linchpins of fintech development, and will continue to drive disruptive business models in financial services.

It is now the time for businesses to start exploring new markets and leveraging regulatory implementations that can help introduce emerging innovative products, digital asset classes and decentralised global platforms in a compliant manner.

It is always good practice to engage the support of a specialist independent partner, who can provide updated, practical and pragmatic guidance for such time as this.

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Financial Services & DigitalMarkets

Over the decades, multiple areas of the traditional financial markets have been burdened by unnecessary restrictions and costs leading to inefficiencies regarding the free allocation of capital. The emerging and growing applications of digital assets promise to change this. The Discidium team can help understand the topic of digital assets, crypto-related regulation, potential implementations and describe some of the associated opportunities and challenges for retail investors, institutional investors, and financial service providers. Traditional financial markets have long faced obstructions stemming from limitations on asset class availability, the difficulty of cross-border transfers, and minimum capital requirements, to name a few. Assessing and considering the possibilities and ubiquitous applicability of digital assets, all market participants will benefit from at the very least becoming familiar with the topic and possibly even developing a strategy for the capital markets of tomorrow. The Discidium team can guide a firm’s assessment into the application of new digital assets involving the potential use of infrastructure, DAO’s, DeFi and corresponding regulation.

Regulatory Advice And Implementation

As you plan for new commercial opportunities and enhance your customer experience, Discidium can provide advice that will strengthen the regulatory and compliance elements of your business strategy. Our team has delivered and understands the regulatory challenges faced and are ready to provide the advice that go beyond just summarising compliance rules and telling a business what it can’t do. It is our goal that our clients fully understand the actual risks involved and suggest implementable measures to reduce regulatory and non-financial risks.

Our Regulatory and Compliance team can work with you to develop best practice compliance measures for your organisation and to deliver review, implementation and the required compliance training for your team. By establishing a structured compliance framework, you can keep your risk profile low and your team focused on commercial priorities.

It is always best to be proactive with compliance systems and training. If you find yourself under the scrutiny of a regulatory body, you may be expected to show what steps you will take to improve compliance outcomes in your business. The regulatory body will often ask a business to put in place stronger processes and an ongoing training program. Discidium can help you design and implement a compliance framework that meets the regulator’s requirements, as well as your business objectives.

Design and Distribution Obligations (DDO)

A DDO Framework

Regulatory Technology

It has been some years since Regulatory Technology or “RegTech” – commonly known to industry and practitioners – has carved a place in the hallmarks of business and technology innovation. Compliance is a costly and cumbersome aspect of managing a business. Effective compliance programs and digital tools can help a company achieve its goals, while avoiding costly regulatory mistakes. Being able to view your entire compliance program in a single place allows a full-picture view and provides a better baseline for strategic initiatives. We help clients to navigate the global business and regulatory environment and define, develop, implement and deliver their regulatory compliance tools and business strategies.

Data, Trading and Crypto platforms

The Discidium team can help traders, investment banks, wealth managers, and exchanges prepare for the digital future by offering tools and services including order & trade management, automated trading, regulatory reporting, surveillance, post-trade processing and trade system implementation. Discidium has long and well established expertise across capital and crypto markets enabling algorithmic trading, risk management customisation and market connectivity. Helping also leverage data and analytics to enable better data-driven decisions making which is achieved through comprehensive data ingestion tools, fast processing of complex modelling, forecasting and data visualisations.

Digital Assets and blockchain

The digitisation of economies is bringing a massive cultural shift across all societies, some emerging technologies – blockchain, and artificial intelligence (AI)- have the potential to give societies a completely new architecture for managing the transactions underpinning our daily life.  Similar to “Blockchain”, “Digital Assets” is yet another term that is sometimes misused as a buzzword. Nevertheless, it is vital to understand the implications of digital assets as they will undoubtedly play a tremendous role in the future.  Discidium offers deep digital asset trading implementation knowledge experience from traditional markets trading systems through to emerging decentralised governance, delegation and DeFi platforms and products.

Innovation and ideation

In the digital age, we all are experiencing change now, not only the technological revolution has arrived but we are fomenting and constantly enriching a digital footprint that will – without a doubt – alter the way we interact and relate to one another, with enterprises, with governments and with our surroundings. In fact the new state of play is constantly blurring demarcations between the physical, digital, and biological spheres. Adoption isn’t widespread yet but digital technology is changing rapidly and becoming more affordable all the time. It’s really a good idea for institutions to get started with digital adoption right now. We help you create, innovative and encourage a change in mindset within your corporation!

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